Revamping Website for Fehr Digital Marketing : A Case Study by Raheel Azmi


Fehr Digital Marketing is a digital marketing agency based in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. In 2021, the company approached Raheel Azmi to redesign their website with a goal to provide a modern look and improve the user experience.


The challenge in this project was to create a modern and user-friendly website design that reflected the company’s brand identity and values while improving the overall user experience. Additionally, the website needed to be optimized for search engines and be easy for the client to manage and update their content. Raheel Azmi successfully tackled these challenges by implementing a WordPress CMS, focusing on UX UI, and optimizing the website for SEO.

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Raheel Azmi opted to use WordPress CMS for the website redesign. WordPress is an excellent platform for website development and provides flexibility and scalability.

100% Responsive and Modern Design The new website was designed with a 100% responsive layout to ensure an optimal user experience across all devices. The website design was modern, with a clean and simple layout that allowed users to navigate easily.

Focus on UX UI Raheel Azmi focused on UX UI to provide an intuitive user experience. The website’s navigation was streamlined and simplified, making it easy for users to find the information they needed.

Brand Identity Integration The new website design incorporated the client’s brand identity, including the company logo, colors, and typography. This helped create a consistent and recognizable brand image.

Pages and Features The new website included various pages such as Home, About, Services, Case Studies, Testimonials, and Contact. The Case Studies and Testimonials pages highlighted the company’s past work and success stories.

Optimization for SEO Raheel Azmi also optimized the website for search engines by incorporating best practices for SEO, such as using relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and title tags.


After the redesign, the website received positive feedback from both the client and users. The new website design provided a better user experience, and the optimized pages helped improve the website’s ranking on search engine result pages.

Easy Management and Updates Raheel Azmi also used WordPress’s CMS to make it easier for the client to manage and update their website content. The WordPress CMS provided a user-friendly interface and simplified the process of updating website content.

Colors & Material

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The Outcome

The revamping of Fehr Digital Marketing’s website by Raheel Azmi was a success. The new website design provided a better user experience, improved the website’s search engine ranking, and helped the company achieve its goal of creating a modern and user-friendly website. The use of WordPress CMS also made it easier for the client to manage and update their website content.

“Raheel is a man of integrity and comes from a place of service. Highly recommend.”

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Revamping Website for Fehr Digital Marketing: A Case Study by Raheel Azmi